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Teacher of the Year: Suzanne Bellamy

Suzanne Bellamy is an emigrant from Canada, coming to Southern California at 13 and eventually gaining citizenship. Like many of her students, she arrived with what could be carried. That she is an English as a Second Language teacher is fitting. She can relate to her students’ need to learn how to navigate a new country and a new system. As she stated, “For the past fourteen years, I have had the privilege of helping others make that same passage.”

Classified Staff Member of the Year: Tanya Robertson

Having started as a parent in our Bright Beginnings Pre-School in 2007, Tanya began her adventure with FUHSD Adult School in Wiggles and Rhymes. In 2009, we recruited Tanya to be a teacher at Adult Ed. She has taught Gym Kids and most preschool levels in our Bright beginnings preschool. In 2014, she moved into an Instructional Assistant position within the preschool.

Pi Dayz Next Week

Help our scholarship fund by purchasing pie and raffle tickets next Monday and Tuesday. In addition, stop by to see some of the pi activities happening as described in the flyer and schedule.

Shop at Zanotto's Sunnyvale on Tuesday between 6-8pm

Shop at Zanatto's Sunnyvale from 6-8 on Tuesday the 8th and help support student scholarships for the Adult Diploma Program.


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3/2/16 Annual Active Shooter Drill

3/2/16: DRILL IN PROGRESS. Beginning shortly we will have an our annual active shooter drill. Sunnyvale Public Safety will be assisting in this drill. If you arrive on campus when the drill is occurring, please wait in your car or on the benches until the PA Announcement ends the drill. Thanks so much.

Please consider donating...

I’d like to ask you to consider making your tax deductable donation to the Chris Kenison Memorial Scholarship fund. Niece Amy Gibson (FHS Teacher) worked with the family to create this scholarship last year and many of you donated after the shocking loss of our friend, colleague, and—for many—mentor. Retiring from FHS and continuing to work with Home Hospital and Adult Ed, his passion has always been for students who struggle or have a different timeline and path for their education. As such, four $500 scholarships (2 to FHS and 2 to Adult Ed/Ed Ops) were given last year.

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