School Closed for Veterans Day on Wednesday the 11th of November

We honor those who serve.

Office Closed Thursday August 20th 2015

Office Closed Thursday August 20th 2015, for staff development from 8:00am to 1:00pm.

Quarter 1 2015 - 2016

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Adult Ed Quarter 1 2016 by mik

Graduation 2015: Link to photos

Free downloads. Enjoy and congrats again students!

Graduation Video

Here's the link to the graduation video. Link to the photos will be posted as soon as we have them. Enjoy!

Opportunity to Donate for Student Scholarships

Sunnyvale-Cupertino Adult School graduates more than 70 students per year. Most of these students go on to college or vocational training. Because they started their diploma later in life, they are often working and have children. Many do not qualify for financial aid to assist them with college tuition, books, or bus fair.

We know that to make a family-sustaining wage in our community and to be an active citizen and parent, education truly makes the difference.Please donate what you can spare (even $5) to help our community of learners set, pursue, and achieve their dreams.

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Governor's May Revise: Adult Education Effects

Well, we are finally here: the May revise, 2015. After years of lobbying and “flex funding,” the state of Adult Education in California from 2016 onward is slated to be decided. While we won’t know everything from the May revise and eventual budget adoption (June 15th), we will know the degree to which our lobbying and hard work has paid off.

What will we know once the Governor releases his budget revision this week? Not a lot, but definitely some critical pieces.

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