Free citizenship interview preparation class this Saturday, December 14

Are you nervous and worried about your citizenship interview? Come to our free citizenship practice interview class on December 14, 2013.

Office Closed until 12/2/13

Please pardon our dust! While we are not building a new office, we are renovating. We will be closed 11/27-12/1. On 12/2 we will have regular office hours, but our office is temporarily moved to room 5A. Meanwhile, have a safe and wonderful Thanksgiving.

DSLR Camera 1

Get out of the auto mode and get the most out of your DSLR Camera. Switching from film or diving into digital photography with a digital SLR camera can be a daunting leap. The terminology alone can be like learning another language. This course is for photographers with little or no experience with today’s Digital SLR cameras. Participants will advance past auto and into the buttons and menus that surround the camera inside and out.

Fitness Walking

Fitness walking is serious exercise, yet it is a safe and natural activity for health and fitness. It is inexpensive, convenient and has minimal risk of injury. Walking benefits the heart, strengthens muscles,improves bone density, mobility and balance while speeding up metabolism. Wendy will lead a moderately intense walk with class sessions beginning and ending at a designated location. Stretching, an important component, is included. Come share in the camaraderie of fellow walkers while improving your fitness. Bring water, wear comfortable clothing and walking shoes.

Self Defense for Women

Real self defense means doing everything possible to avoid being assaulted or threatened. It is about using your smarts, not your fists, so that you are least likely to be injured. Your instincts, combined with your common sense, can help get you out of trouble. Using both mind and body, you will focus on the the five primary defensive techniques, the punch, block and kick techniques and the critical distance line. The instructor, Brian is a fourth degree black belt. Wear comfortable clothing. 4 Saturdays, 11/16-12/14, 8:45-10:45 am $60

Hawaiian Manapua & "An-pan"

Register for the Manapua class and find out why Hawaiian food tastes so delicious! The islanders take the best of many different cultures and blend them into their own unique recipes. Manapuas, the Hawaiian version of the Chinese bun, are filled with either sweet or savory ingredients and can be either steamed or baked. Come join us in making Manapua "da baked kine" and "An-pan", a Japanese version with sweet bean filling. Using one basic dough, youíll learn how to make these tasty baked buns with a variety of fillings, including Chinese bar-b-que pork.

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