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ACE Q1 2014 Catalog

Win a free class!

If you have not “liked” our school Facebook page (www.Facebook.com/scAdultEd) or the Principal’s page (https://www.facebook.com/pages/Principal-Peggy-Raun-Linde/41086874902640...), please do so. You just may win a free class!

Offices Closed July 4 and 5

The Adult Education office will be closed on July 4th and 5th. While classes will take place on July 5th, the office will not be open. No classes on July 4th.

Hawaiian Pupus (Appetizers)

Come and join Sandy in making Hawaiian Pupus (Appetizers). Pupus are usually an assortment of small meat and seafood dishes and can often be enough for a meal. Here is a sampling of dishes she will be preparing: Kahlua Pork Nachos with Wonton Chips, Lettuce Rolls with Blackened Ahi, Kushi Katsu (Breaded and Deep-fried Pork on Skewers), as well as tofu, mochi and veggies on skewers. Registration Fee $30; Food Fee $20 (payable to the instructor). Date: Tuesday, July 16, 6-9pm. Call 408 522-2700 for registration.

Summer Classes

We have several new and interesting summer classes; please look at class descriptions under course listings. A few of the new & featured classes are: Hawaiian Pupus, Thai Salads, Live Gluten Free with Ease, Teen Fitness Workout-P90X (ages 13-19), Ikebana for Teens, Volleyball Open Gym. Call 408 522-2700 for registration or ace.fuhsd.org for online registration.

California Adult Education News: Improved State

A Newsletter on Adult Education in California
May 2013

Facing a June 15th deadline, the Governor and legislature have dismissed January’s proposed transfer of Adult Education to the community colleges. The Senate and Assembly have approved two separate plans. The Senate adopted the Governor’s May Revision that requires districts to continue present levels of Adult Education funding for the next two years to be eligible for program funding in 2015-16.

Q5 2013

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ACE 2013 Summer Catalog

Natural Strategies for Digestive Problems

If you are one of the 61 million Americans who suffer from digestive complaints such as acid reflux, hiatal hernias, constipation, irritable bowel syndrome, ulcers, colitis, Chrohn's dises and more, then this seminar is for you! Join Dr Allen and Dr Sharon Dubner, DC's to learn the secrets on how to naturally overcome digestive problems and learn the latest natural, easy-to-implement, self-help methods, the hidden reasons for digestive problems, overcoming the digestion/allergy and stress connection and more! Saturday, May 11, 10-12am, ACE 05A. $30 regisstration fee.

Self Defense for Everyone

Self defense does not have to be intimidating. Learn basic techniques that will make you confident at any age and in any situation. Use both the mind and body techniques easily learned by anyone and feel confident. The instructor, Brian Neeley, is a second degree black belt.
For registration, call 408 522-2700, course #292260, Mondays, 4/1-5/20, 10:15-11:45am,
ACE/Rm 15, $70.


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