Part 2: Adult Education Needs State Funding

The Governor needs to decide now if he will fund Adult Education in 2015. What can you do? Email the Governor and request "dedicated funding for K-12 Adult Education" and to have it "sent to school districts, not the College Chancellor's Office."

Myths 2 and 3:
Myth #2: The AB 86 regional consortia budget trailer bill contained funding for adult education.
Fact: AB 86 process only provided $25 million for planning purposes – no programmatic funding was included.
Myth #3: LCFF funds can be used for adult education.
Fact: While LCFF does not prohibit the use of LCFF funds for adult education, the structure of LCFF focuses on the K-12 student and given the funding thresholds to be achieved per student under the framework, school districts will inevitably have to use all funds for K-12 purposes in order to meet the goals and standards under LCFF.